Trendency Research LLC is a research company based in Washington, DC and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  At the heart of Trendency Research is an online platform that gathers real-time information on a host of issues nationwide from representative panel of participants. The Trendency platform is based on algorithms and predictive analytics which were developed in Stem Cell Research labs and modified to track and predict human behavior.

Traditional polling and marketing research strategies encompass methodologies that are static and yield little information about respondent behavior or trends. While unquestionably accurate, traditional polling offers only a snapshot of the current environment. Even with most panel research that is available, the data shows a series of snapshots in time, as opposed to a true understanding of trends and why respondents have moved, and how they got there. Trendency Research provides real-time attitudinal and behavior trends of respondents, which allows us to view movement outside of the binary data view that traditional polling offers.

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Uses for Trendency:

  • Crisis situations: Trendency establishes tracking to prepare for impending bad news, reacts more effectively and efficiently, and finds solutions to problems with comprehensive data and dynamic information
  • Understanding consumer behavior: Trendency is able to pinpoint brand loyalty vs. brand love, purchasing patterns, and reasons for behavior
  • Brand analysis and tracking: Trendency continuously updates data allowing for day-to-day tracking and tracks effectiveness of new ad campaigns, and it can also show variations based on current events
  • Ad campaign effectiveness: Trendency creates control groups, messages tests, receives real-time feedback, and can adjust ad strategy instantaneously

Advantages of the Trendency platform:

  • Real-time tracking and continuity
  • Quantitative effects of live events
  • Dynamic modeling
  • On-Demand/platform independent

Audience examples:

  • Nationwide representative participants
  • State specific
  • Demographic specific
  • Known consumers/users/members
  • US based/international/emerging markets