When corporations and government agencies have needed innovative research designs to conduct research among hard to reach audiences and on challenging topics, Trendency has been there to meet their needs.  We pride ourselves on servicing a select and targeted client list, which includes corporate and government contracts.

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Across the country, candidates running for office are asking one central question: “Can I win?”  The answer to that question is often complex, and begins with changing how the likelihood of success is defined. We look at what the odds of success are and how we can increase those odds, so that by Election Day we have moved the likelihood of success in our favor. At Trendency Research, we utilize polling data not just to determine what people are thinking right now, but also to provide a long-term outlook that maximizes the odds of winning.

From local school board races to US Senate races, Trendency Research has helped out clients outperform expectations and find a way to cut through the clutter that tends to exist these days in most campaigns. We take great pride in our record of delivering highly accurate research and analysis no matter the size or scope of the campaign.


We pride ourselves on working with organizations that are making a difference in the real world and are advancing causes that are making our country and our world a better place to live. Whether it be issue advocacy, member/donor research, or brand and logo redesign, Trendency Research has helped countless non-profit and issue advocacy groups make critical decisions that are informed by data.